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Domeo is an extensible web application enabling users to visually and efficiently create and share ontology-based stand-off annotation on HTML or XML document targets. The tool supports manual, fully automated, and semi-automated annotation with complete provenance records, as well as personal or community annotation with access authorization and control.

Welcome to Domeo by Paolo Ciccarese

Domeo enables annotation sharing with individual colleagues, selected groups, or at web scale. Annotations are represented using an open standard, the Annotation Ontology (AO) RDF model. Other applications can access and display the annotation created through Domeo, and share their own annotation with Domeo, using AO/RDF. Text mining applications using the UIMA framework can directly export AO/RDF using Apache Clerezza.

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Dr. Maryann Martone Co-principal investigator of the Neuroscience Information Framework

"We are pleased to announce that annotation of literature using Domeo will be made available through Neuroscience Information Framework in our next release. We believe that Domeo is a great way for the community to help make NIF better by annotating content in a way that makes it easier to find. We will be launching a project to annotate antibodies used within the neuroscience literature using Domeo".

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If you are interested in collaborating with us as a Domeo v.2 alpha tester, or you simply want to have access to the latest version of Domeo, please contact us.

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Domeo Code by Paolo Ciccarese

We are looking for knowledgeable and energetic collaborators with great ideas.
To become a developer of the open source Domeo Web Annotation Toolkit, please contact us.

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